Dear Bert,

Just when I’m having this great surge of joy feeling sorry for myself for taking on too much you tell me that you’re working on three books! I guess that’s the perfect squelch.

This has not been an easy or enjoyable project, trying to be honest and objective but at the same time acceding to the wishes of Gil, Howie and—most difficult—Emile’s son Luis. After Emile “came out” in interviews with the New York Times and others, it opened an avenue that had to be taken. I’m portraying Emile as he really is—a lovable, roguish character whose world has no boundaries. Some day I’ll sit down with you over a glass of milk (or a liquid of your choice) and relate to you some of the nonsense I had to put up with. (“Nonsense” is not a good word but it will cover all bases for the time being.)

Having witnessed you and Emile dueling with butterknives and forks, I can think of no one more appropriate to do the foreword for this book than you. I am truly honored, and so is Emile, to have you on board.

Any comments, positive, negative or otherwise, regarding the manuscript would be appreciated. And if you have any suggestions on steering it to a proper publisher….

All the best,

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