September 4, 2007

Dmitriy “The Star of David” Salita has never lost a professional prize fight, having climbed through the ropes twenty-eight times. Gavin Rees, of Newbridge, Wales has never lost a professional prize fight after twenty-seven bouts, having won the WBA light welterweight championship in his last fight. The two titans of the ring will now meet for the championship in Cardiff, Wales on November 3rd, after which only one will come out with an unblemished record—and the championship of the world.

To Dmitiy Salita it is the culmination of a life-long dream. The devout Chabad disciple recognizes the historic significance of this prizefight as a victory will make him the first Jewish champion in that division since Barney Ross took the crown from Tony Canzoneri seventy-four years ago.

“Sure I feel the pressure of such an event,” Salita confesses, “but it is more than counter-balanced by the motivation and pride that I will be carrying into the ring. Many of my fans are people who do not ordinarily watch prize fights but they watch it when I fight. I am asked if it places an additional burden upon me when I enter the ring as a representative of my religion. First, I am not a representative of my religion. I am a representative of my people, Jewish people, and it is a burden I am proud to bear.

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