You hadda be there to hear them shout for Beau

An’ if you wuz, you’da seen one helluva show.

Cause the kid fought with all get-out, that was his way

You’d never hear no one grumble ’bout not gettin’ for what he’d pay.

Wuzn’t no Fancy Dan moves when Beau was in the ring

Just every punch in the book, y’see, fightin’ wuz his thing.


They’d all be stompin’ and yelling”—“Beau! Beau! Beau!”

Didn’t matter who he wuz in with—he’d be goin’ toe-to-toe.

Like when Zivic gave him the thumb, near turned his eye inside out,

Beau only shrugs, “That’s what fightin’s all about.”

He learns his lessons good when Zivic takes him to school

And smiles, “I’m born on April First but I’m no April Fool!”


Oh, how that Garden rocked as they cheered on their Beau

Who then taught the teacher some things he didn’t know.

He showed him his left and his right over and over again

And when the final bell rang, all Zivic said was “Amen!”

He fought ‘em all the same, from pillar to post,

This little Georgia Peach who became New York City’s toast.


There’s a new Garden now and new fighters on the go

But there ain’t never gonna be another like Beau.

Whoever he wuz fightin’, an’ he fought the very best,

It wuz always a war, not a second to rest,

“Cause he only knew one way—never step back!

And that’s why they loved the one and only “BEAU JACK”!

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